March for Science shirts, a marketing lesson.

The March for Science sounds like a great event. The closest one to me was in Ann Arbor. I couldn’t go, but I did watch from afar.

Watching lead me to this article about the struggles of the main organizers, and the satellite organizers who were using shirts for fundraising. Seems everyone has that idea.

And, it turns out that yes, everyone did have that idea. Copycat shirt designs were popping up in physical locations and online. Some seemed to be outright illegally copying the logo, and others were just crowding out the march organizers.

The article gives us some great insight and an example to learn from.

“Every March for Science shirt someone buys elsewhere is an opportunity that is lost to us,”

This quote from the StatNews article had me thinking about targeting, marketing, and expectations for me, a small designer. I mean, what options would I have? What would I have done?

This was a big event, and while it was marketed to a wide audience it seems that they were concerned that people didn’t know where to buy official shirts. What would I do with my modest means? Releasing an article was a good idea, but StatNews seems to be a place where only the die hards would visit. Maybe a press release, as well as the social media platforms. Though, I searched google for “March for science rip official shirt”, finding the official web site in the very first slot. So, I wonder if the people who bought the bogus shirts were ever actual customers?

They did use Social Media; shaming others on social media is an interesting tactic. Though I wouldn’t personally go with that. No one would care about me trying to shame someone. I wonder if someone sees the shaming in a social media post, that same person could have also seen a great article or blurb about how great their own shirts are. Create a roving video blog interviewing people to say my shirt is better. (That is an interesting idea.)

The lesson for me is to market bigger. Find the actual customers, and put the shirts in front of them. Make videos, share them everywhere. Because those who aren’t reached, aren’t going to buy from you. They will buy from someone else.

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