Is the "borrowed" license t-shirt bubble popping?

This could be the end of the grace period t-shirt designers have been enjoying.

Hollywood Reporter and it's clever title describes the lawsuit between DC and Mad Engine.

While this is DC vs Marvel in a roundabout way, it is still a big company going after a shirt company. The fact that it is a rival company might soften the PR blow, but it might make it easier for the next company to start suing designers who are too free with unlicensed designs.

This is a job for , Lawyers!

The complaint filed gives us some interesting information. I am not a lawyer, so my reading of this is flawed. I do wonder if the lawsuit is not for using the shield, but in declaring it had a license to use the shield? That might be the same thing, but the wording doesn't say, "They can't use our shield!", it says, "intended to convey to consumers that the product was a licensed DC Comics product".

And I'll be watching to see if this is the first of many, or if this is a one off and the bubble is still safe.


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