Friends and alignment.

Have you noticed that when playing a game that has some kind of alignment system, your friends will play things almost the opposite of their chosen character alignment? The higher up on the 'good' alignment, expect an actual asshole who pushes his way around the group.

Evil? Expect rather pleasant and trustworthy people until of course they steal from you in your sleep.

And some friends, you dread their choice a certain alignments. Those who love to push the above interpretations to the breaking point. Yes, Dave, your good character doesn't actually have to actually scold the rest of the table. Or, ugh, Mark is evil, so now we have to worry about his character more than the campaign villain who as razed 5 towns of orphans. No, Mark's character will just rob us blind every damn night.

And Neutral? This is just an excuse to play bat guano crazy. Expect every encounter to contain either eating a bug, farting on the king's appetizers, or some extreme apathy as something horrible happens. "Yeah, I just watched the bad guy just raze those orphan towns. But, I didn't do anything, because you know, neutral."

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