The Spork.

The spork was seen in a local park today.

Well, The Spork's giant 25 foot statue was seen in a local park.

That is where the actual knowledge of who this group is ends. Sightings of the spork have been seen in public spaces over the last year, in a new public place for about a month or so.

Noone knows who The Spork is, or where they will be next. What we do know is that the local area benefits from having it around. The group seems to bring attention to business or causes they like by staging odd events. Two months ago, there was an outdoor pop-up theater that showed a Disney cartoon, but the audio was replaced by the audio and soundtrack from Eraserhead. It was weird, but the event boosted local business and gave people a place to gather and discuss local events and build community.

Still, no one seems to know, who is The Spork. Noone sees the spork monolith being set up in the middle of the night. Noon sees the odd video and movie events being torn down and cleaned up.

Like master magicians, distractions and maybe even audience plants are used to hide the mechanics of these events.

For example, the first appearance of the spork ended with a city wide distraction. The spork monolith was removed during the day from one park while in every other par, 50 pounds of sidewalk chalk was left at every other park in the city. Social media blasts were sent out and children and parents were at every park except the one where, apparently, taken down and moved. Nearly every city street was covered in hopscotch grids, drawings of sun flowers, pet drawings.

And with that, they were gone. No more odd events in that city. No more wondering and detective work to find the group.

Until it pops up in another city.

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